Friday, June 6, 2014


What are Twinchies? To my mind they are simply tiles that measure two inches square. When I do my hand colored tiles I usually have a strip of paper left over at the edges so I decided to cut them into small two inch squares to make these 'Twinchies'. They are done in the same manner that I do my regular colored tiles - with colored Microns and colored pencil shading, but since they are so small, they work up very quickly. I can experiment with new tangles and different ways to highlight and shade too. It's a fun way to have a supply of finished tiles for giveaway purposes when I am at shows. 


  1. Hi, Sue!
    I'm teaching "Twinchie Ensembles" at the Madison Z Art Expo! I based it on the official ensemble tiles that you can purchase from The students will draw their own string on an 8x8 piece of paper, cut them into "twinchies" and then tangle each tiny tile. There is some prep on my part, such as the measuring on the back of the paper so they can tell where to cut, etc. I've done a couple this size and they are really fun! There's a picture of one of my finished ensembles in the brochure online. I used to make "inchies" when I was into stamping but I think 2x2 is a better size for the ensemble. Tangle On!

  2. This is a great idea Sue. I have a strip of leftover paper too and just use it to test colours, pens etc but I think I'll try and get more creative with it from here!

  3. Thanks for a great idea! Is there any such thing as 'scrap' paper anymore? lol


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