Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dare 95

Erin at The Bright Owl is back! She has been busy with her studies and I'm so glad she was able to get back to her blog! Her blog has been posting a wonderful assortment of zendala templates and I've always enjoyed the challenge of finding just the right tangle patterns to use on them. The link to her blog is over in the right hand column.

This template has many small sections. At first I thought they looked like little beehives, but when I saw the tangle pattern Cayke, by Rose Brown, I decided they were multilayered cakes! Then I wanted a pattern that would work in the middle as a circular pattern so I found Stella, by Jane Pharmer. I had to play with Stella a little but I had fun adding all the auras and tangleations. At this point it was looking a little too busy, so I filled in the spaces between solid black. Oh no! That was too much! So Printemps with a white pen came to the rescue. Final shading made everything pop.

Thanks Erin! I hope to see more soon.


  1. Oh my goodness... this would make a beautiful design for china plates, etc... I wouldn't want to eat on it - but just for display purposes. lol

  2. What a beautiful Zendala tile! Love the contrast!

  3. A wonderful Zendala. I like your description of how you completed the design.

  4. This is superb! The contrast is so well done.

  5. A lovely zendala, Printemps is great in it.

  6. Love it. Beautiful tangles. I will have to try those. :)


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