Friday, September 6, 2013

Alphabet Soup H

The Alphabet Soup challenge is one I issued to myself. The goal is to try to use tangle patterns that are not official patterns, but to use only the ones that start with a certain letter of the alphabet. I realized as I looked through my collection of tangles that this was a project that could certainly be done!!!

This tile 'H' features the following tangles;

Hypnotic - Ellen Wolters
Heartvine - Lori Howe
Hole in the Wall - Texas Doxie Mama
Helecopters - Dianne
Hi-C Anita Roby-Lavery

Anyone is welcome to join me in this challenge. Post it wherever you like - I don't have a linky machine. If you don't have a blog or Facebook page just email me a picture and I'll post it here.


  1. Great H tangles, Sue - I've been doing Hs today via Cheryl's Artful Creations and really enjoyed discovering Hi-Cs! Axxx


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