Monday, September 30, 2013

Borders on furniture

The patterns that we find all around us and also use in Zentangle, can be used in many ways. A friend of mine asked me to customize her daughter's furniture as she had grown out of her pink room. She had purchased the bedding that can be seen in the background of the picture. So she gave me the chair with instructions to paint it blue and add elements from the bedding into the chair. The repetitive pattern of the fern that I saw in the pillows worked well as a border on the chair. I did this with white paint and a paintbrush. I also did the desktop but the light on the desktop makes it difficult to see here. 


  1. I second that third that - pretty and lovely!

  2. beautiful,
    I can see it also on the desktop, Love it!
    I think you have designed some beautiful border tangles as well !

  3. Wow, Sue. Most of us used paper to do this :) Love what you did with the chair. Beautiful

  4. If you try, you can see the desktop too. Very beautiful and great to have.

  5. Great example of the versatility of tangling. Your border on the chair looks great.


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