Tuesday, September 24, 2013

new crescent moon tangleation

Whenever I teach I always enjoy looking at the tiles that the students create. There is such variation in the way they do the tangles and a variety of ways they shade them. Sometimes I find that a student has created a tangleation that I have never seen before and I add it to my file of ideas. This tangleation of crescent moon developed in a presentation I did at the Palatine Public Library last Saturday. I was there for 4 hours so I regret that I didn't get a picture of the actual tile that was created with this tangleation.

The two tiles below were from last night at McHenry County College. I had a real nice mix of ages and there were 4 males! Great work ladies and gents! I'll be back there next week for a Beyond the Basics class.

Do you see how one student decided to tangle on the back and incorporate the red zentangle logo into his tile!

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  1. Love that tangleation and the work your students did is just stunning!


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