Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July. I usually don't post things that are food related but I had fun this morning and thought I'd share. Is it perfect and ready for the cover of a magazine? Probably not, but it was fun.

These are easy and quick to do. The main ingredient is marshmallows. Just stick a toothpick into it, wet it with water, dunk it into the colored sugar, and set it to dry. I got fancy and did three stripes but you could do them in separate colors and then put three marshmallows on a skewer.

To do the three stripes I dipped my (slightly) wet marshmallow into one color of sugar. Then I flipped it and went into the other color. Sometimes I used a spoon to help the sugar go up the sides. Then I held the marshmallow sideways and sprinkled the sparkly clear sugar around the middle.

The first batch I did I used jello mix - just the dry powder - for the red and blue. The middle stripe is sparkly sugar sprinkles.

Then I did some with just colored sugar. These might be better for the kids - as they won't get food coloring from the jello on their fingers.

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