Thursday, July 30, 2015

Organic wreath

The Diva challenge asks us to use organic tangle patterns this week. I love these type of tangles but don't always use them so much. So I decided to really go to town here. The tangle patterns used are;

Official tangle patterns - Cyme, Fescue, Festune, Pendrills, Poke root, Poke leaf, Punzel and Sedgling,  Other tangle patterns - Artoo, Featherfall, Euca, In-a-pod, Label, Maylea, Mumsy,Vine thanks, and Wartz.

I used a colored tile and shaded with colored pencils.

And just for comparison - Here's before I started shading.


  1. Beautiful ! I like the balance of tangles and the color is very pleasing.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous! So beautiful wreath!

  3. Always great to see the difference with and without shading. I love this zendala, Sue, you did a great job.

  4. Awesome! This is nature: without start and without end!

  5. Great array of organic tangles. You put them together so well.

  6. Very pretty, and so nice to see the before and after. The shading and added colour really does make it ever so much more beautiful!


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