Thursday, December 10, 2015

Curvy line tangles

African Artist is the challenge tangle this week. It's the one all around the border. As I was working with it I was thinking about all the other tangles that start out in the same way - with curvy lines. So I pulled all the similar tangles out of my files and put as many as I could into this tile. I could only fit 7 into this tile so I drew an entire sheet with all the ones I found. I'm sure there are more out there that I haven't included - if there is one you know of that I should include please let me know!

It's amazing that so many tangles can start out in the same way but still look so different. 

Click on this picture to enlarge it for the details. (Sorry it's sideways!) I added shading to the bottom half of each tangle but of course, you can adapt the shading however you want.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

monotangle trees

purk, echoism, cayke

arukas, meer variation, flux, shattuck, opus

These little pieces are quick and easy to do for Christmas cards. I cut a piece of black cardstock to 5 x 7. I lightly sketched a few triangles and then filled each one with a white gel pen and monotangle. The snow drifts were then added with a white charcoal pencil that I smudged and softened.  

Art supply stores sell watercolor cards that measure 5 x 7 when folded so these can be attached as is or trimmed slightly so that you will have a white border around your piece.