Thursday, June 18, 2020

stained glass orbs

I took a Zoom class with Inge Frasch in Germany yesterday. Stained glass orbs was such fun! Thanks Inge! Since then I've done 4 more based on the same technique. This was a fun way to use all my colored markers (Tombows) and explore the reticula and fragments from the book from Zentangle. Always good to try something new!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

arukas florz

We have been lucky that so many zentangle artists have been sharing classes during these trying times. I was thankful to spend time with Sonya Yencer on Facebook this morning. She walked us through Floorz and Arukas. These are two tangles I enjoy but don't used all that frequently. Of course, since I'm already familiar with these tangles, I wasn't paying close attention to what Sonya was saying and I jumped ahead. So my tile went off in its own way. I'm happy with what resulted though. It's got quite a few tangleations in it.