Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Waybop is one of the newest tangles from Zentangle. You can get the steps in the Zentangle newsletter from Feb 14th. I was lucky enough to learn it at the CZT get together last November. It's a fun tangle with lots of ways to add your own personal flair. Most of the artwork shown in the newsletter shows it as a central element in the design. I decided to try using it as a border. Along with Waybop I used Betweed and a Mooka like shape.

This is the linework from just the Waybop.

Finished line work before shading.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

renaissance valentangle

Valentines day dictated a heart design but I just wasn't feeling the pinks and reds this year. So I decided to try more of a vintage feel to my valentangle. I used a renaissance tile and then brown micron for the tangles in the heart. Shading with colored pencils and highlights with a white chalk pencil. The outer area uses a regular black micron.

Tangles - ditto, opus, and tidings

Monday, February 6, 2017


Hamadox is the monotangle shown here. It is a combination of Paradox and Hamil. The step outs for this tangle are on the webpage of Diana Schrueur and can be found by clicking here. I had never tried this one before but I loved the flowing lines. 

first stage - I drew a circle lightly with a pencil and when I drew the Hamadox I used the circle as a guide. I then added the rounding in the paradox section as Diana suggests.

The rounding has been filled in and then I filled in the outer areas for more drama. The tile was finished with a few details and some shading. (see above.)

Here is the sketchbook page I drew on as I practiced and then tried out a few tangleations.