Tuesday, December 25, 2018

last minute ornament

Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! We celebrated with the family last night so it's quiet here now. I imagine some of you have finished with the presents and soon you'll finish your feast. At that point someone may ask you about Zentangle and ask you to teach them something! Yes, this works up quickly! I actually did this this morning as I couldn't find the tile I had originally done. It took me more time to do the pictures and the post than the actual drawing!

If you have a few tiles and a couple of pens you can do this!

Start by dividing this up with a pencil and ruler. Divide it in half both ways. (See picture)

Start in the center with a simple petal design. Add elements of your choosing. They can be curves, triangles, - whatever you like. I prefer to keep the same elements on each side as I go but with younger kids just let them go for it.

Continue adding shapes, I added auras to my shapes.

I added a gold border with a gelly roll pen. You could use colored pencils or watercolor paint too.

Fill the areas between the lines with patterns as desired. These spaces aren't very big so simple patterns like Prin temps, Tipple, Striping, etc. work well.

Using a stylus, or just a ball point pen, score the back of the tile along the dividing lines. Then fold. The lines from point to point go one direction - the lines from midpoint are folded in the other direction. (See pictures). I like to use a burnishing tool to make sure my folds are nice and crisp.

Poke a hole in the middle using a needle, scissors, or even a thumbtack. Start to attach sides together using double stick tape, rubber cement, or another glue  Put in an ornament hanger, ribbon or string.  Attach the other sides together.

This was done on a zendala tile. Sorry I don't have a finished picture as I sent the tile like this so it could travel flat. I also sent it with a metallic string as a hanger and a bead that hangs at the base.

Here's another example done on a square tile. I think this illustrates the folds best.

Have fun! Merry Christmas!!!