Thursday, August 24, 2017

Zentangle plates

Zentangle plates is a concept where 4 tiles are put together. They all have the same circular strings but are tangled with their own tangle patterns. When put together they form a 'plate'. This was a fun project to do. It was interesting to choose tangle patterns that varied in light and dark, curves vs straight lines, and random vs geometric shapes.

Below is each tile separately and at the end is the grouping before shading.

 Sampson, Bales, Coil, ?

 Rain, Meer, Zenith, N'zeppel

 Crescent moon, Echoism, Copada, W2

 Bales fragment, Onamato, Ditto, Surf's up/also named ___?

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fragments D1

'Reticula and Fragments' is the name of a chapter in the Zentangle Primer book. The concept is that you take a small fragment and by flipping and/or mirroring that small fragment, you can create a myriad of new patterns.  In this tile I used the fragment that is labeled D1 in the Primer. You can see in the picture below how I drew the tangle several times on small pieces of paper. I could them experiment with twisting and turning the fragment to see what I wanted to draw.

I used a brown pen and colored pencils for shading to create my version using the D1 fragment.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Playing with Inktense pencils

Playing with my Inktense pencils recently. I saw photos from a class that another CZT gave. I apologize that I didn't write her name down and thus can't give her credit. - If you saw her pictures on Facebook please let me know so I can properly thank her!

I started with a selection of my Inktense pencils, activated them with water, and then tangled around them as usual. I decided against adding a highlight to turn them into gems as I just wanted to use the glow from the colors.