Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Curvy Paradox

Paradox is the monotangle here. It's a tangle that I really enjoy doing. I wanted to push myself here so I started with a curvy string. It's trickier to do this tangle when the lines curve but I really enjoy the different effect that I got. Look below for the string I started with.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


The Diva asked us to try out the tangle Siri from Simone Menzel  CZT this week. It's a grid based tangle but I ended up deconstructing it and trying a different way to connect the elements. Fun. You can find the step outs for this tangle by going to http://simtangle.blogspot.ca/2017/02/new-tangle-siri-inspired-by-ria.html

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Inspired by Henna and Coco

There are so many patterns that can be found around the world in different cultures. And many of those patterns have found their way into the world of Zentangle. I love how we can incorporate all these things into our artwork. In these tiles I was influenced first by henna designs. Then I saw the animated movie Coco, and I was blown away by the colors and artwork I saw on the screen. I started doing more research on the Mexican artwork that inspired that movie. These tiles are the result of combining those inspirations.

These tiles began on tiles I had previously colored the background with watercolor paints. The line work is done with the Moonlight gelly roll pens from Sakura with a little metallic gel pen added here and there.