Friday, May 29, 2020

amazing spider

I continue to do a lot of tangling these days. It helps keep me calm. This is a brand new tangle. It's challenging for sure but I love the results! It's called 'Amazing Spider" by Hennie  Brouwer. Thanks Hennie! I added a border of Flux. The border helps to hide the edges where the pattern gets confusing.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Tangled and painted rocks

I can't sew masks and I can't man the volunteer lines at the food banks, but I can paint and I can tangle. So in conjunction with a local real estate agent, I'm painting rocks that are being placed all over my village. They all have some sort of inspirational word or phrase that's usually on the other side of the rock.

We let our neighbors know they were out there on our local Facebook page. They have responded that they are finding them during their walks around the neighborhood during the quarantine. Some are taken home as treasures.  Many of them are finding new homes somewhere else in the village for others to find later.

Stay safe everyone!