Thursday, June 13, 2019

seaglass tangling

I love tangling on different surfaces. And with summer finally starting I was excited to find a way to do something new to me!

Seaglass is one of those things that is fun to look for on the beach. For those of you who aren't familiar with seaglass, it's bits of broken glass that have been worn smooth and frosted by the action of waves and sand.

Now I actually didn't find these large pieces on the beach. I was in a glass designers shop and they had a bin of glass pieces they had put into a rock tumbler. I was able to get a cup full of tumbled glass pieces for $4.00.  In the picture you will see three pieces - one that I didn't do any tangling on so you could see how it starts. I put a small circle of white paper beneath them so you could see through the glass.

I tangled on these with a Sakura Microperm pen. I find that this pen works on all sorts of odd surfaces so it's my go to pen for plastic too. I didn't add shading with a pencil - just a few small lines or stippling with the pen.

Have fun - and have a great summer!