Thursday, June 22, 2017

Twisted rope two ways

Twisted rope is the name that was given to this string. It's a string that is fairly simple but I love what you can do with it. And there are several variations too. You can see the basic string at Margaret Bremer's blog by clicking here. 

Here I used it twice. Once in a traditional black and white and then again with color. The colored one was done using Derwent Intense colored pencils with a watercolor technique. I did the color first so I could focus on the highlights. Then I added the tangles with penwork, purposely skipping the highlight area to add some sparkles.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Puffin and Munich

Traveling to new places can be so inspirational for tangling. I was recently in Munich, Germany and had the pleasure of visiting several of the beautiful and historic churches. The ornate decoration in many of them is amazing. I took lots of pictures. I was fustrated in visiting some of them as they had a service going every time I got there and of course they don't want you to take pictures or walk around during the service. I finally waited and was rewarded with magnificent organ music and choirs. And when the service ended I was amazed at how each smaller altar was decorated differently.
The tile here was inspired by the elaborate carvings around the columns and on the walls. I used some tangleations of the tangle "puffin" as I did this.