Tuesday, February 27, 2018

heart zendala

Zendalas are typically done with a symmetrical type of pattern. I love doing them but sometimes it's fun to do something different. I've done this string before and it's one of my favorites. I use an empty heart in the center (well actually off center) and build tangles flowing out of the heart. - This was my second Valentines Day since my husband has passed. The rawness is fading, but I still miss him. So this empty heart is a bit symbolic of how I feel.

I did this using one of my zendalas that was previously colored with a pink watercolor. The tangles are done with a pink pen and shaded with three shades of colored pencils.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

purple blooms

Playing with a new technique this week. At the last Prairie Tanglers meeting, Tess Carlson Imobersteg taught a class using paper circles punched out of a variety of papers. She then showed us  a folding technique to get the blossom petals.. Add tangles, and fun! I enjoyed this new way to play with tangling.

I used a colored pen for the purple lines and a brush with an iridescent white ink for the white lines. It looks white in this picture but sparkles in person.

These blooms are in progress. I've used a variety of scrapbook papers, colored cardstock, and even junk mail. The purple one is in the middle and I'll be pondering what tangles I want to use on the other blossoms.