Tuesday, April 24, 2018

more zenbuttons/spundalas

These zenbuttons/spundalas are so much fun I've kept going. I keep experimenting with color schemes and it's always a surprise when they are finished. The shading and highlights add such a pop to it that I can't wait to finish each one.

Go back to the previous post to see how these are done.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


Zenbuttons and spundalas, these are the new fun techniques people are trying in the zentangle world. Zenbuttons came from the mind of Marguerite Samama, a CZT from Amsterdam. Her Zenbuttons create the string and add shading. A Spundala is similar but adds color using a kids toy commonly called a paint spinner and markers. 

I've combined the two techniques here. I didn't have a paint spinner but I remembered that we had a kids pottery wheel stored in the basement.  I needed to hit the store for new batteries but found that this worked just fine. - In fact, I think I liked it better because this didn't have the high sides that the paint spinners have so it was easier to control the color from my markers.

This is the toy pottery wheel I had in my basement. I attached my tile to the wheel with a couple of pieces of tape rolled up. That worked fine.

This was the first picture I took of my 'finished' tile. When I looked at it up close on my computer screen I decided it needed more shading. I went back in with colored pencils and added more depth.

Friday, April 6, 2018

Pickpocket tangle

Pickpocket - that's a fun name for a tangle. And this is my first tile using this tangle. I did draw it out on a sketchpad first to get the hang of it It is a little tricky but since I love the tangle W2, this is really just a skewed version of W2.

Zentangle also doesn't usually have things that are representational but since this tangle starts out with a dot grid, The eyes of my 'worm' were already there in my grid!

This tangle comes from the mind of 
Tomàs Padrós