Monday, August 17, 2020

empty heart string

The empty heart string is one I've used a number of times in the past. It's one I often use when I want to tuck a tile into a condolence card for a friend. I use it when I want to acknowledge that while a loved one may be gone, they leave all the memories with their family and friends.

The first tile here is one I did for Bunny Wright. She is a CZT that we recently lost. She contributed many tangle patterns to our community so all the tangle patterns shown here are done from her step outs.

The string itself is fairly straightforward. Draw a border with your pencil. Draw a simple heart with your pencil. Then add radiating lines going out from the heart also with pencil. As you draw the tangles with your pen you can follow your lines - or go outside of them - remember they are only guidelines and you don't have to stay within them.

After the tangles are complete you are ready for the shading. Add shading to the heart shape so the heart becomes dimensional. If you are on a colored tile you can use a coordinating colored pencil for the shading and you can add a white chalk pencil to add highlights.

This is one I did a while back on a renaissance tile. As you can see this heart was much bigger. It's your choice which way to go. I also didn't use a border here.

Here, and below, the empty heart string was done on a colored zendala. You can see the radiating lines that come from the heart. Also note the shading with a deep pink colored pencil and highlights with a white chalk pencil.