Thursday, November 15, 2018

String theory and a mosaic

These are 4 tiles done with the same simple string - simply two curved lines. Once I had the lines on the first tile done I lined them up so all 4 tiles were the same. There are several different patterns you can make when you line these tiles up together.

The tangles were done fairly quickly. There are a few challenges I've missed over the last few weeks so I used several of those tangles in these tiles. There are only two tangles on each tile. in the upper left - Ratoon and A-Frame, upper right - Burtz and Onion Drops, lower right - Wigwag and Bran, lower left - Ditto and Floorz

Friday, November 2, 2018

tea splotch

Tea splotch - that's what this is. I was at a meeting where we were doing a variety of backgrounds using a variety of mediums. I had just made myself a cup of tea and when I was about to dispose of my tea bag, I thought, well, why not. So I set the wet bag on a tile and forgot about it. When I got to it later I wasn't sure I liked it but after looking at it for a while I started to see a leaf shape. After that it was easy to do. I forgot to take a before picture until I already had the leaf string in place.

Tangles were done with a brown Micron and then shading with colored pencils. A few highlights with a white chalk pencil and ready to sign it.