Thursday, August 29, 2019


At the last Prairie Tanglers meeting we were given a template for this labryinth. It was just the gray lines you can see behind the tangles. Each of us added color of our choosing. I used an assortment of blue and green Derwent Intense pencils. Then I used water on a brush to smooth and blend the colors together. I then started tangling on just the gray lines with a Tombow Monotwin pen. Sue Reading, who taught the class, cautioned us against adding additional color after the tangling as the penwork might bleed. However, the Tombow monotwin has a different type of ink so I was able to adjust the color to my heart's content. By the way, I can't tell you any more about the pen as all the small print is in Japanese. But it sure was fun to have that freedom!

You will see the tangles I used were smaller ones as the space I had for tangling was pretty narrow. Many of the tangles are mine and you can find the stepouts under the tab marked 'tangle pattern gallery'. Several other people at the meeting did their tangles in the larger spaces - it was interesting to see the variety.