Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Ing with colors and woven

Ing is a fun tangle that I don't use very much and I'm not sure why. So I really got to playing with it this week when the Diva challenged us to use it.

In the first tile I decided to get crafty. I used a couple of my colored tiles and did the Ing tangle with a black pen. I did it again on a smaller scale on the pink tile and carefully cut it out. Once more on the smallest piece of the blue tile I did the Munchin tangle which echos how I filled the Ing. Then I glued it all together.

On the second tile I played with a simple Ing  and a woven effect. I liked the way the black popped it out.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Olympic rings

Have you been watching the Olympics too? I love the wide variety of sports that we normally never get to see. Diving, rowing, synchronized swimming, badminton, and even trampoline were fun to watch along with the other bigger sports.

As I was playing with the tangle,  quandary, I noticed the circle shapes that the pattern makes as you work it. I decided to work it a little more carefully and then find the Olympic rings within the tangle. Quandary is a tangle that is usually a little more challenging to me but I'm happy with the way this came out.

I realized too, that I had done a tile using the rings once before - back in 2012 during the last summer Olympics. I thought I'd add the picture here for comparison. I bumped up the shading some since I was less confidant in shading back them. 

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tangled Seashells

Tangled Seashells - Summer is almost over so before school starts up again I wanted to do some more tangled shells. After I clean and dry them well I use a Sakura Microperm pen. (I also recommend the Sakura IDentipen.) I use the same tangles I use on my tiles. While the shells above are whole, don't hesitate to pick up broken pieces of shells and decorate those too.

 It's a bit tricky working on the curved surface but so much fun. The little cupped area by the top of the shell makes it difficult to maneuver my pen so I use very simple and forgiving tangles in that area. Tipple is a good example. If you work on the outer area of the shell there are often definite ridges/lines. They can provide a string to start with. Shading on shells is either skipped or done with a stippling technique. I don't bother sealing these shells. The pens are quite permanent by themselves.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meer Auraknot duotangle

Meer and Auraknot are paired here. I tried to think outside the box to put them together but ended up with a similar tile to Laura's. So I instead went with a Renaissance tile so I could try to make it look a little like a woodcut. Shading is one of my favorite parts of tangling so I really enjoyed this. I used two different shades of brown colored pencils along with my white pencil.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


Abeko - What a sweet tangle pattern from Lynn Mead. For the first time using it I didn't get complicated by adding any other elements. I love how elegant it looks.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Knightstar two ways

Knightstar is the featured tangle this week. It is a fascinating tangle from Daniel Lamothe. You can find video instructions by clicking here.

I wasn't sure about it when I first tried it but quickly got sucked into it. Like many tangles there are several ways to do it - to make tangleations - so I ended up doing two tiles.

Like classic Knightsbridge, I used the checkerboard method to fill it in.

In this version I added additional lines.

This shows an early stage before the details and shading.

Finally, the string that I started with.