Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zendala greeting card

I needed a card for a friend and since I couldn't find one that had the right sentiment I decided to make one myself. The blank greeting cards from Strathmore are made from watercolor paper so I was able to add colors from my watercolor markers and get right to the tangling. None of these tangles are very complicated so I was able to complete this card in one evening. I swear it was harder to come up with the right wording for what I wanted to say on the inside of the card! I hope it brings a little happiness to my friend.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I Heart Art contest

Valentines Day has come and gone but I recently found out about a contest sponsored by Jerry's Artorama on Facebook. Jerry's is a good source to order online from. I've had great service myself. If you are so inclined, I'd appreciate your vote for my Valentine Zendala. The prize is a gift card so I can buy more art supplies. I guess I love art supplies like some women love shoes, - we can never have too many! The link below should take you to my entry.

This zendala was done with a pink Sakura Micron 05 pen. Then it was shaded with a magenta Prismacolor pencil.

Banbury 2-24

Banbury class 2-24. We had a bright sunny day in February with 6 talented students. Fun class with great ideas from all. I love being at Banbury. Every time I go there it changes in some way. New products, new furniture, but always the same great people!

Several new classes at Banbury are coming up. Check under the classes tab for dates.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quandary and string 40

I've done two tiles here using string number 40. It's a simple string that I came up with when I was playing around with circles.It's a fun string to use because it allows the tangle patterns to really spread out so you cam appreciate their details. Linda Farmer featured it on last week.   I was away on vacation at the time so I couldn't post a picture right away. It's just as well since when I came back I was able to use this string for the Quandary challenge.

There is one other interesting thing you may notice about these two tiles. The coloring looks very different. The first photo was taken on a cloudy day while the second has bright sunlight (note the shadow). I do my best to correct the coloring so it reflects the tile as it actually appears. Alas, I'm not an expert in Photoshop so it is what it is!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

McHenry Community College 2-19-13

Last night I had 15 ladies in my Zentangle Basics class at McHenry Community College. I am constantly amazed and awed by how each group finds their own way to interpret the same basic tangles. Click on the pictures above to enlarge them and see the detail.

This was my first experience teaching at this facility. I really enjoyed it. I had a mini disaster when I was wheeling my stuff in and a box and bag fell off my cart into the rainy, slushy, parking lot. As I hurriedly tried to pick things up, two students came to my rescue. Mind you, the temperature was in the teens, so I really appreciated their help. When I got to the classroom I saw a huge space. I pulled the chairs up to the front so we could see and hear each other. At the front of the classroom was a whiteboard that lined the entire wall. I could demonstrate the tangles easily and not have to erase them right away! Of course, I used a large sketchpad too so the shading could be demonstrated.

I'll be back at this facility on March 5th to teach more tangles and projects with a spring theme. Click on the classes tab above for all the info.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tangles from Sue Clark CZT

Today's tile shows tangles that come from the blog of Sue Clark CZT.
Look on the blog in the column on the right side. You'll have to scroll down a bit, but when you get to the section labeled 'My Tangle patterns', you can the stepouts for each tangle.

The ones I've used here are;


This is part of my continuing challenge to myself to use tangles by different artists (that have created multiple tangles) and to use them together in a single tile.

Monday, February 11, 2013

tangles from Michele Beauchamp CZT

In this tile I looked for tangles on the blog of Michele Beauchamp CZT - Michele's blog name is Shelly Beach.  All of the tangles I've used can be found on her page here
The names of the tangles are;
Bloomin Butter
Thanks Michele!
This is part of my continuing challenge to myself to find tangles by different artists (that have created several tangles) and use them together.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Discovering Dansk

Dansk is the tangle pattern that the 'Diva' has asked us to play with this week.

I'm spending some time with my daughter right now which means I get lots of quality time with the grand baby, but I can't crop and adjust the pictures that I take of my tangles. When she goes to bed I usually have time to play with the Diva's challenge. I got so into this one that I tried out 3 versions.

So as you look at these, imagine that I've straightened and cropped the pictures, and adjusted the brightness so the paper looks like the white that it is instead of a blueish hue.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Silver orbs

Whenever I get new pens, or paints or papers, I have to try them out as soon as possible. I was at Ikea recently and they had the holiday merchandise on sale. To my surprise, their were some sets of metallic and colored gel pens. They didn't have a manufacturer's name printed on them so I have no idea where they came from. They weren't a very fine tip - I would guess they would be similar to a number 5 pen.

In the tile above I tried out a set of gold and silver metallic pens. The gold pen didn't show up well on the black paper, so I went over it with the silver, which obviously does show up well. If you look in the smaller orb, you can see some spidery lines where I tried the gold pen.

These are very simple strings - two circles - but they gave me a quick way to get going with my pens. This string also made it simpler in that it limited the number of tangles.

Monday, February 4, 2013

tangles by Geneviève Crabe

Today's tile shows uses tangles that can be found on Tangle Harmony - the web page of Geneviève Crabe. She has a wonderful assortment of tangle patterns. Plus, she posts the invaluable weekly roundup. That's the best way to keep up with the newest articles and tangle patterns that have been posted on the web.

The names of the tangles are:

This is the link to find her tangle patterns.

This is the link to connect you to her latest roundup.

I am continuing to  challenge to myself to find other artists that have posted several tangle patterns and use them (and only them) in a tile. I have a few more tiles done that I will post over the next few weeks.