Saturday, April 25, 2020

April tiles

Like many of you, I'm somewhat stressed during the quarantine. Every little headache, any scratchy throat, or slight cough has me wondering if I've got 'it'. Thankfully, I'm still healthy. But what to do about the stress?
I'm finding some relief in tangling. The best stress relief is coming from doing the online classes that several teachers are offering from around the world. Even though I usually like to 'think outside of the box' I find that simply following along with a class, doing the same tangles as everyone else, and not having to make any decisions, is the most relaxing for me. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!
The tiles in the picture are from classes with Mindandtangle, Annie Taylor CZT and Neha.Agrawal.

Monday, April 13, 2020

when life gives you lemons .......

When life gives you lemons ...... make lemonade.

That expression is so appropriate right now. Everyone is staying home - and staying SAFE. And that's a very good thing. But like so many of you, I've been going stir crazy. Buuuut, Zentangle to the rescue. There have been a number of CZTs and other artists that have been teaching classes online - both paid and free classes. They are through Facebook, Instagram. and even Zoom.

I am so thankful for these resources. It gives me sanity, it gives me a schedule to look forward to. And the best thing, it's started my creative juices flowing again.

The artwork above has all been done within the past month. I have the names of the artist that tauight the class on the back of most of these pieces - but not all of them. I'm trying to remember them all but I've forgotten a few. If you start with the large piece in the left lower corner, Tracy Weissapfel, - blue zendala ??? - Top brightly colored piece on black, Eni Oken, - Upper right, Annie Taylor CZT,  - piece to the right of the black was done in a ZOOM meeting with the Prairie Tanglers, - Renaissance Zendala was with Romi Boraz Marks, - Daisies were with Trish Pellitier CZT, - and the tiles in the lower right were with Sonya Yencer.

That's just the ones in the picture above. I've done a number of other things too but they are not all finished yet so they are not pictured. Actually, some of the things in the picture are not finished either but I'm still thinking about what to add.

My wishes for all of you - Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy, and let those creative juices flow!