Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Square Dance tangle pattern

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'Square Dance' tangle pattern can be used as a string or in a grid pattern. It is based on a calligraphic ornament. I've shown two ways to draw it.

The first way starts with drawing two squares - one inside the other. (I always dot the four corners first.) Loops are drawn at the outside points. Then loops are drawn on the points of the inside square. On the inner square, the loops are bigger and rounder. These loops continue the lines of the inner square until they turn and then they bisect the small loops on the outer square.

The second way of drawing it goes much faster and will be easier once you have done the first method a few times. In this method you draw the outer box and its loops all at one time, without lifting your pen. The inner box will also be drawn in one motion. Take your time though as you want to see that the lines of the squares are even.

I've been having lots of fun creating zentangles with 'Square Dance' - My husband even decided one of them is his favorite! I'll post it tomorrow.

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  1. I just love your tangles...besides inspiring me to do new tangles, this inspires me for an earring pattern...I also make jewelry...I'm trying to come up with a way to incorporate both of my creative loves...keep up the good work and thank you again!


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