Monday, February 27, 2012

Zentangle for my phone

When your friends ask you - But what can you do with a zentangle? 
Here's what you can show them.

I have a love/hate relationship with my smart phone. I love having my photos of my grandchildren always with me. I love being able to surf the web anyplace I go. I love the maps I can pull up in a flash. And I love apps like gasbuddy to find out the cheapest gas prices. I hate it whenever a glitch comes up that I find I'm too technically challenged to figure out. And I hate how much more money it costs me every month to pay for all these goodies. (Did I tell you I'm cheap.)

But I did this over the weekend. And it didn't take any technology to do it. 

My phone is very thin and very slick so I had to buy a silicone cover to help keep it from sliding through my fingers. I was happy to find one in pink so I can locate my phone easily when it's at the bottom of my purse. But the pink color was muted by the blackness of the phone. So since it's somewhat see through, I added my artwork inside.

All it took was a plain index card cut to size to fit the back of my phone. I rounded the corners too to make it prettier. Then I added an assortment of tangles. I did my shading with a light gray marker. I stayed away from using pencil since I didn't want any graphite migrating into my phone's innards. Then I just placed the paper inside the cover and put my phone in.

Now I can't take credit for coming up with this idea myself. I found it through a pin on Pinterest and followed the link back to the blog that first did it.
Thank you Chicca!

Oh - and if you look closely at my phone you'll see a sticker that says ice followed by my husband's phone number. ICE means 'in case of emergency' so there is always a way to get my phone back to me if I lose it, or,  heaven forbid, something worse.


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful idea. I just got a smartphone and a clear silicone cover, so this will work perfectly to dress the back of my phone up. :)

  2. Great idea and it looks quite stylish too. Thanks for sending this to me. I need to get myself organized and start tangling.
    By the way, Rick sent the invitation to Yahoo and I signed on.

  3. Love this... besides you can change it out at your choosing.... too very awesome! cynD


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