Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dare 17 - and remembering my godmother

The zendala dare #17 asked us to do a zendala in honor of someone who had battled cancer.

For me that would be my godmother. Gloria was my mom's best friend. They were in each other's weddings and as couples they got together every chance they got. Both of them were only children so they were really like sisters. They would alternate throwing New Year's Eve parties and all the kids would be put to bed but we would really be whispering and giggling upstairs while the adults partied in the rec rooms in the basement. At the stroke of midnight those of us who were still awake would run downstairs to blow the noisemakers with our parents.

Aunt Gloria battled breast cancer. She put up a good fight but it won. My mom was visiting me at the time when we got the phone call. I walked outside with her and broke the news. I tear up now remembering that day. My mom is gone now too. I know that the two of them are back together, laughing together as they watch over all the grandchildren.

Aunt Gloria loved her ice cream. So the sherbet colors in my zendala are my way to remember her.


On a personal note - I will be attending a conference next week while my husband holds down the fort at home. Therefore I will not be able to post to mu blog. Please don't worry - I will return and hope to have all sorts of new things to tell you about then. - Sue


  1. Such a special story. These people are the fabric of our lives. It is wonderful that you honor Gloria today. Enjoy your sherbet. We do!

  2. Your zendals is beautiful and the tribute to 'aunt Gloria' too.

    Annemarie Huijts

  3. Lovely, sunny colors... vivid...!!!
    beautiful tile

  4. Love it! I have kind of neglected the bright owl challenge...I need to get back to it!!!


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