Friday, March 22, 2013

Geneva Public Library

I had a wonderful visit at the Geneva Public Library last night. There were over 30 people that attended,  including several teens and men. I love seeing how Zentangle has appeal to many different groups! I took my pictures of their tiles in separate groupings so that you could click on each picture and actually see the wonderful details. Thanks Geneva!

I also want to thank Kathy Shabowski a fellow CZT who lives in Geneva. She came out on a very cold night (who says it's spring?) to help me set up, pass out materials, and pack up at the end. Thanks Kathy. You can contact her via her blog at 


  1. Sue,
    Thanks so much for letting me come and help out at your class last night. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you again and spending the evening watching people create lovely Zentangle tiles.

    Kathy Shabowski

  2. I'm very new to Zentangle (I don't have pens or paper yet). This tile looks like something I might be able to tackle as a brand-new beginner. Would you mind telling me what the names of the tangle patterns used in this one are? (So I can look up how to draw them?) Thank you so much.


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