Friday, May 3, 2013

Vernon Hills - Cook Memorial library

I've been visiting libraries lately, and meeting some wonderful people. It's such a pleasure to introduce them to Zentangle and see the excitement grow in the room as they discover all the benefits to Zentangle.

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Last night I was at the Vernon Hills library. They had 50 people sign up and even went to a waiting list. Wow, that's intimidating! I was lucky that my son had just gotten home from his first year at college the night before so he was able to help me out. He's a good kid. He had never seen me do a full presentation before and I think he enjoyed it too!

I'm always amazed how I can teach the exact same patterns and the results have such diversity. When I get home and crop my picture for the blog I always take a few minutes to appreciate what everyone has done. There are some wonderful tangleations here.

Thank you for inviting me! I hope to be back soon.

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