Monday, November 11, 2013

string 10 and Banbury basics

The tile here today was done using string #10 from and only two tangles; Antidots and Angelfish. I wasn't sure how I was going to approach this challenge because this string has several sections and with only two tangles ....??? But, as we say in Zentangle, just start, just go for it and let the magic of Zentangle work with you. When I finished the tile with the pen I looked at it and felt it was sooo busy. I knew it needed something but I wasn't sure if even shading would do it for me. So I added color. Now the tile is still busy but at least it's a HAPPY busy!

These are the tiles from the basics class at Banbury yesterday. They did beautiful work. Liz, a repeat student, participated too and I had to laugh at her tile. (hers is on the left) Liz is not fond of doing Tipple so when she did her string, she purposely made her last section tiny. As a result, she had very little Tipple to do. She also did some beautiful shading too!

And don't forget about my Tangle Cards Contest!

If you have ever scrolled down this page to the last entry on the right hand side, you will see an entry called 'Total Pageviews'. I've been watching it and seeing the numbers grow. Since it looks like it will be crossing 400,000 soon, I am having a contest to celebrate. On the day that the counter changes to 400,000, I will pick one person at random from the comments on that day and send the winner a set of the Yoga for the Brain Tangle cards. (hint - I am currently at 397,244 page views and I usually get 300-400-or more, page views each day.)


  1. Sue, I enjoyed the class on Sunday! You are a talented instructor with a good sense of humor.

  2. I really had to look hard for the last section on the left tile. That is one very clever lady who knows what she likes and how to deal with the things she doesn't. Another life lesson hidden in a Zentangle class.


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