Friday, September 19, 2014

Tangling in RI-NY

I'm back home again after a wonderful week with family in Rhode Island and New York. My sister has a place in Narraganset so we flew out to Providence first. She took us out on her sailboat for a sail around the homes near Newport. Seeing the homes from the water is definitely the way to do it!

Once we docked again we had lunch at a little stand by the marina. As we were sitting at the picnic tables I looked down and realized that instead of gravel under my feet, there were broken shells. It makes perfect sense when everywhere you go they serve oysters and clams! I found one shell that hadn't been broken into too small of a piece and got out my Micron pen. It was a quick little tangle while we waited for our lunch. I left it behind to surprise the next person.

We climbed the rocks that line parts of the shore. It was a beautiful day. We tried out the tradition of stacking rocks. My sister got a nice tower going!

When taking this selfie I discovered that my phone could take a mini picture of the view in the opposite direction!

 And we enjoyed dinner at several wonderful restaurants in the area. The oysters we had came from a nearby pond. If I hadn't been flying I would have kept the shells!

Then it was time to take the ferry from New London, CT over to Orient Point on Long Island. The ferry is a great way to get over and eliminate the stress of driving all the way around. On the ferry I found a table and did this tile to pass the time. I meant to leave it as a Random Act of Zentangle but my sister laid claim to it first.

After the engagement party for my niece we had time to play. We enjoyed the beaches in the Hamptons. Again, seeing the houses from the water (or beach) is the best way to get a peek into those mansions! And then we enjoyed a trip to the vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island. Good memories!

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  1. It looks like you had a fun trip. I would have been inclined to take the shell tangle, both of your RAZ's were nice.


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