Friday, September 11, 2015

Celtic knot for Byrne and Kelly

This is a Zendala I gave to two of my favorite singers, Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly. Starting with one of my colored tiles I tangled around the outline of a celtic knot. I tangled with a dark green Micron and shaded with colored pencils. Highlights were done with a white graphite pencil. I used a celtic knot inspired by one from Jean Theurkauf. Check out her blog at

I had the pleasure of listening to a concert from Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly in my own home town. The duo are also known as part of Celtic Thunder. I've seen Celtic Thunder in large theaters before but I've usually been up in the nosebleed seats. This time I sat in the front row, barely 5 feet from the stage. They sang in the upstairs room at McGonical's Pub in Barrington. It was a wonderful concert filled with songs I knew and several new compositions. 

Since it was such an intimate space we were able to actually personally meet the two of them before the show. That's when I gave them the Zendala tile pictured above. 

This is a snippet from their song 'the Ragman'. If you search for it on YouTube you can find longer versions.

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