Saturday, January 30, 2016

Tangles with tangle stings

Some tangle patterns lend themselves perfectly to use as strings. All you need to do is to "biggify" them. Blow them up in size. Then add the tangles of your choice.
The first one I tried is meer. I used a variety of tangles within the lines. The fun thing I discovered as I worked though, is that sometimes I could use the line as part of the smaller tangles too. See the rain tangle and vertigoh tangle.
Then I did a large W2 and filled it with zenith. Zenith is one of the newer tangles and has become one of my favorites.
Finally I tried using drupe as a string. I didn't quite get the tangle done as shown in the stepouts. But since there are no mistakes I went with it anyway. I decided to keep the smaller tangle simple and add only some echoism. Shading finished it for me.
Below are pictures of the tiles in progress so you can see the stages.


  1. What an interesting idea, Sue! Great stuff. Oh, what a tangled web we weave...


  2. Love the twist in the Drupe, it looks great and I really admire all that stipling. All the tiles are lovely, it is hard to choose one above another.

  3. Beautiful work Sue, I love that you showed your pieces with and without shading and contrast, the perfect icing on your Zentangle cake. Powerful, Now I must try Zenith.

  4. Wonderful tiles. I love W2 with Zenith.

  5. These are all lovely Sue. Thanks for the before and after on them too. It's nice to see the difference that shading makes on them


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