Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tangled Seashells

Tangled Seashells - Summer is almost over so before school starts up again I wanted to do some more tangled shells. After I clean and dry them well I use a Sakura Microperm pen. (I also recommend the Sakura IDentipen.) I use the same tangles I use on my tiles. While the shells above are whole, don't hesitate to pick up broken pieces of shells and decorate those too.

 It's a bit tricky working on the curved surface but so much fun. The little cupped area by the top of the shell makes it difficult to maneuver my pen so I use very simple and forgiving tangles in that area. Tipple is a good example. If you work on the outer area of the shell there are often definite ridges/lines. They can provide a string to start with. Shading on shells is either skipped or done with a stippling technique. I don't bother sealing these shells. The pens are quite permanent by themselves.

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