Friday, August 11, 2017

Playing with Inktense pencils

Playing with my Inktense pencils recently. I saw photos from a class that another CZT gave. I apologize that I didn't write her name down and thus can't give her credit. - If you saw her pictures on Facebook please let me know so I can properly thank her!

I started with a selection of my Inktense pencils, activated them with water, and then tangled around them as usual. I decided against adding a highlight to turn them into gems as I just wanted to use the glow from the colors.


  1. I love your color selection! Maybe we should practice with our Inktense pencils at a Meet-up!!

  2. Beautiful! I've bought myself 3 Inktense pencils (Black, Neutral Grey and the Outliner, just to get started, but I have a big tin of them on my Amazon wishlist :) Have you used several shades of the colour to create the blend, or is it a single colour? I'm looking particularly at the warm orange to golden yellow tones on the second tile.
    PB xx


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