Tuesday, July 2, 2019

tangling on shells with color

Tis the season - to tangle on shells again. I started with just my black pens but then I was asked, "can we add color?" So I experimented with my Inktense pencils and this is what I came up with.

The one on the right is my first attempt. I used my IDentipen. I used the thicker side of the pen as the thinner side didn't show up well on the outer side of the shell. I then colored in with my Inktense pencils. I wet them with water and the color filled in nicely. Occasionally the water bled along the lines of the shell. So I added the lines in the background and - well, most of the lines that bled are hidden now.

The shell on the left was the next one. This time I used my Microperm pen and drew on the inside of the shell. As this side was much smoother, it took the ink better. When I did the color with the inktense pencils I applied the pencil only in small areas. When I wet it with my brush I carried the color into the other areas, thus giving me more of a shaded effect.

These are some of the shells I've done before. They have been on my blog before but I didn't want you to have to hunt to find them.These were done with a Microperm pen. (I think).

Happy summer!


  1. Love these! Think I'll dig out my shells this weekend! Happy Independence Day!

  2. Ohh what a cool idea! thanks for showing what pens work with shells. I have teensy shells ( I like in Ohio, our beaches don't get much ) ... but maybe I'll have to get some from the craft store to try this. thanks.


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