Tuesday, December 14, 2021

zenbossing - project pack 16 day 3


The Zentangle 12 Days of Christmas projects are back. It looks like it's going to be a fun group of projects!

This is Day 3. I've done it following the directions on the video but then added colored pencils and some gold gel pen. I was excited to try out the technique they called Zenbossing. To do it utilized a stylus tool that I already had in my tool box. 

The gold pen doesn't show up very well in photos but I found if I went close up and tilted the tile, you could see the glint from the gold. I use the Hybrid Dual Metallic pen. It's made by Pentel and pictured below.

I have several stylus tools in my art supplies. They are made with a variety of handles. As you can see, I added a pencil grip to mine. Usually they are added to children's pencils to teach them the proper way to hold a pencil. I find it makes it more comfortable when I'm using pressure on the stylus as the technique needs.

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