Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ace - tangle pattern

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Ace is a tangle pattern that is fairly simple. As you can see, I got the idea from looking at a tennis ball - and thus the name. It's a simpler pattern that can be used as a filler, a string or even , if done big, as the string for the whole piece. There's some of the yin-yang thing going on here too. If the same pattern has been published elsewhere and I've overlooked it, please let me know.

For the first few practice tangles, use a pencil to draw a circle - or use a penny to trace one. This is easy to do freehand but for your practice it helps to know where you are going.

Start with an easy 'S'.
Bring a curved line down from the end of the 's'. Stop in the bottom of the circle.
Repeat, going upward from the other end of the 's'. Stop at the top of the circle.
Add a small circle at the top and bottom.

As you are working this you will discover that you can go ahead and do the small circles as you do the side curved lines. At this point there will only be 3 steps to do this tangle.

Have fun!


  1. Nice! It's vaguely yin-yang-y, but also not.

  2. I like this, and I was looking for something new to use today :) Just found it. Thanks!!

  3. Sweet! Isn't great how inspiration is literally EVERYWHERE?

  4. Sue I would like to complement you on your teaching ability. What appears complicated as a whole pattern, you take that and break it down so that everyone can draw it. THANK!

  5. Sue I would like to complement you on your teaching ability. You can take what looks like a complicated pattern and break it down so even us beginners can draw them. Thanks ... you are a gifted teacher


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