Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Looby Loo - new tangle pattern

New tangle pattern today! I named this Loop de Loo after the child's song. But then I discovered that Suzanne McNeil has a similar name in use already,. So, I changed it to Looby Loo!  This is another tangle based on calligraphic ornaments. While this has similarities to the tangles '8 of Diamonds' and 'Square Dance' I think it has enough differences to give it its own name.

-Start with a  skinny figure 8.
-Connect the figure 8s with slight overlaps.
-Add a diamond in the middle of the figure 8 and add loops to each corner. You can also see 'Square Dance' for this step.

You can easily turn corners or work this along a curved string.

I'll post a tile using 'Looby Loo' tomorrow.


  1. Cool! I'd love to play with this one...thank you so much for sharing it. :-)

  2. Another wonderful tangle, Thanks !

  3. I love this...very elegant!

  4. pretty but the directions leave much to be desired.


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