Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Class updates -IPP all day seminar and Banbury

I'm excited to let you all know of an upcoming class. It's an ALL DAY zentangle workshop on March 24th. It will start with a review of the basics in the morning followed by two zentangle projects in the afternoon. One will be a zentangle necklace and the other will be a tangled canvas bag. It's open to beginners and advanced tanglers. If you have been doing zentangles for a while I'll have ways to enhance the basics for you! This will be sponsored by the Illinois Prairie Painters. The website to go to for more info is http://illinoisprairiepainters.org/seminars.html

I also want to tell you about upcoming classes at Banbury Fair. Zentangle Basics is set for Feb 19th and Beyond the Basics will be on March 4th. AND - TEASER HERE - I am working on setting up a class to go BEYOND the Beyond the Basics class. I'm still trying to come up with an appropriate name for this class. Any suggestions are welcome. 

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Last Sunday we had a Beyond the Basics class at Banbury. These are the tiles they did on that day. It was a group that brought an amazing collection of Zentangles and ZIAs that they had done beforehand. I was so impressed. So, at this class I threw alot at them. They got a lot of the hard tangles - well, I should say, 'tangles that need increased focus'. And, they learned several of the tangles that are unpublished - by that I mean, tangles that you can only learn from a CZT.

OH - AND DON'T FORGET - my contest is running all this week. See the blog entry on Sunday for the details.

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