Thursday, January 12, 2012

Diva Challenge - Undine

The Diva is Baaaack! I'm so glad! Her newest challenge is to use a tangle she calls 'Undine'. When I saw this tangle I immediately thought of a stained glass window. So while this tile is way too literal to be considered a true zentangle, I did have fun creating this ZIA. (Zentangle Inspired Art) The colors uses Tombow markers and colored pencils. I try to do my tile and post it before I look at the other tiles posted so I'm looking forward to seeing what others have come up with.


  1. Stained glass windows, I see your point, but I never thought of it! Nice ZIA.

  2. I also thought of glass patterns in a window, although the ones I am familiar with were done all in clear glass. I like the colors and the spiral motif. It works when that part of the tangle is the rit aspect ratio... Mine tended to be long and skinny. I know what you mean about not looking at others ideas first. I started to and then quit for a whie until I could work on my own.

  3. Very clever idea and the results are quite nice!

  4. A beautiful interpretation! I thought of floor tiles but the stained glass is ever so much prettier!

  5. Reminds me on church windows. You can feel the sunlight outside.


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