Tuesday, March 6, 2012

'Golven' - Challenge on an egg shape

The latest Diva challenge is to try out a tangle pattern designed by another zentangle fan. This week the challenge is to use the tangle 'GOLVEN' by Mariet, who gives her instructions here.

I've started doing a number of tiles in the shape of eggs/ovals. Hopefully I'll have enough done so I can have a display for Easter. So this was a great design to put on an egg. After I got GOLVEN done I started looking through my idea book. Golven is the Dutch word for waves so when I came across the tangle for 'Fish Net', I thought it was appropriate. - And then I noticed that Fish Net is also a tangle designed by Mariet. How perfect!

This oval tile measures 3 1/2" at its tallest point. It was cut from poster board so it is very study. The white is Sakura Gelly Roll and the darker blue is colored pencil.


  1. Sue, this is a great looking piece. Your idea's of creating on an oval for Easter and the fish net is clever. How unique that both tangles were designed by

  2. So soft looking in the white and blue...I love the darker blue shadows!

  3. Beautiful blue, Sue! I still have yet to tangle on anything but a white background...I have purchased the appropriate white gel pens but have yet to tangle!

    Time for Teaching

  4. The white on light blue adds such a delicate lacey look to your egg. Lovely!

  5. This has so much depth. It almost looks as if it is a real egg wrapped in lace. I would love to see more of the eggs.

  6. Ohhhh, I love the white and blue on blue - and the shape of the egg - and the connections with golven and fish net.... very, very nice

  7. Hi Sue,
    What a big surprise for me to see how you combined those two tangles.
    It's a beautiful and delicate Easter egg!
    Love the colors!
    Gr. Mariët.

  8. Love the choice of tangles and the simplicity of it.
    Beautiful use of blue!!

  9. Neat idea to do many designs on eggs for the Easter season.

  10. Yes, vall great egg designs! Your Easter decorations eill be egg-ceptionally beautiful!

  11. So pretty! How will you display them? I'm always looking for display ideas.

  12. The blue and white is so soft and a little deceiving - I thought it was drawn with a blue pen or even with watercolor - it makes a perfect egg!


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