Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tangled Easter Egg Tree

Easter is coming – Easter is coming! It usually arrives before I’m ready. Many years I've been out shopping for the candy only a couple of days before. And many years I've arrived at church Sunday morning with fingertips stained from the egg dye. But sometimes organization strikes. One year I made the cutest  life size Easter bunny out of crepe paper over a tomato cage basket – that was a big hit with the kids!

This year I was inspired early to make an Easter Egg tree. But I decided to do it in a tangled fashion instead. And it actually didn’t take all that long! I used a stand I also use for Xmas ornaments - But I could have used a branch from the yard too.

As I tried to take the pictures the wind kept blowing the eggs! I wanted to have the pictures in front of the flowers - and then moved closer to the house. Finally I had to take them all off and photograph them flat.

I started with several sheets of poster board in an assortment of colors. I tried cardstock too but found I liked the heavier weight of the poster board better. I purchased an oval punch at the craft store. It’s actually an extra giga oval punch and my eggs are 3 ½" at the longest.

Each egg was tangled with a white sakura gel pen. I only used two or three tangles on each egg and found they went much faster that way. I added shading to each egg with a colored pencil. The choice of color was based on the color of the paper.

There were a couple of eggs where I started with white paper and did more complicated tangles and used more colors. While I like the way they came out, I prefer the simplicity of the colored eggs with the white pen. And as an added bonus, the simpler designs were faster to do too.

I'm curious to see what everybody else is doing for Easter and to welcome spring!


  1. Such cute idea and so simple. Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. So colorful and such a cute idea! Yay springtime!

  3. Soooo cute!! I love the tangles on the colored papers. Great idea to use colored pencils for the colored shading.

  4. These are beautiful! Such a great idea.


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