Saturday, April 21, 2012

Laura's Auras challenge - and room in my Zendala class tomorrow!

The Diva challenge for this week was a fun one. AURAS! Aura's are something that can easily be added to many tangles. It is something that I try to add to each class once I get past the basics. 

In this tile I decided to try a multimedia approach. The black flowers were done with a paper punch. I love the drama it brings! Then came all the auras. I was happy when the auras were done but it needed something more. So I added a variety of tangles to the middle flower. Then I got to the shading and I knew it was a tile I liked. 


There are a couple of spaces in my Zendala class at Banbury Fair in Bartlett Sunday afternoon. See my class  page for the link. You are welcome to come at the last minute if you are open. 


  1. Love this. Your shading created such depth. Really nice.

  2. A paper punch... that's such a good idea! I love the daisies and I love the patterns you picked. Really whimsical and so appealing to look at.

  3. Superb idea. I do think the black is so great for getting the eye started in perusing an aura of beauty!

  4. I love the 3D effect you achieved. Have fun in your class! :)

  5. Lovely Sue. I like the two layers and the patterned auras, well done. good thinking with the punch!

  6. I like how your simple Auras seem above the more patterned ones. Nice shading! Paper punch outs... interesting idea... thinking thinking...
    See my blog post today... I tagged you!
    (Only if you have time and are interested, of course.)


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