Monday, April 9, 2012

tote bag project

Before I learned about Zentangle, I was an avid decorative painter - actually, I still am. I'm active in several decorative painting chapters in Illinois, and because my son lives in Ohio, I'm also a member there. Every year I go to the HOOT convention.  It's a wonderful decorative painting convention, held in August, in Columbus, OH. They've been doing it year after year so it's a well-oiled machine. It is extremely well run.

Well, anyway, one of the things at the convention is a gift shop, the proceeds subsidize the convention. And all the chapter members are asked to contribute. The line when the gift shop opens is unbelievable. Attendees are so excited to get their hands on the one-of-a-kind hand painted items. This is what I'm painting for the gift shop this year. These are done on Roclon cloth and will be sewn onto tote bags. I'm doing these with the Sakura Identipen and then I'm using acrylic paint and adding the shading.


  1. Both designs are great. I love the escaping circles in the second one. TFS.

  2. Wish I could be in line and buy one of these!

  3. Sue, I'm sure they will be sold before I get to the gift shop. Hope to see you at Hoot.

  4. Hi Sue -

    These are so beautiful! May I ask a question? On the first tote bag (the square shaped one), you have an eggshaped pattern. What is is called? When I first started tangling (a month or so ago), I saw this shape somewhere and copied it. I loved how it came out, but don't remember where I saw it or its name.


    Elaine Allen

  5. The pattern I think you mean is Purk. It's one of mt favorites!


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