Monday, October 29, 2012

Shaky - new tangle from Deena Perlstein CZT

Today's post features a tangle pattern by Deena Perlstein CZT. Deena took classes with me and was so inspired that she went and got her CZT herself. Deena doesn't have a blog yet so I agreed to post it here. Thanks Deena!

This tangle is named Shaky.

Steps for Shaky

The tile on the left has shading while the one on the right is unshaded.

Deena wasn't as happy with this one but I think it's fun so I hope she doesn't mind my posting it.

Deena Perlstein,CZT
Huntley, IL

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  1. Deena, I like your new tangle, Shaky. I like the shapes you put together and filling them in makes me think of different Zia's I can do. I must admit to being impressed that you have created a tangle of your own. I haven't even attempted to try. Looks great!


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