Thursday, January 31, 2013


Today’s zendala is inspired by chocolate. With Valentines Day approaching, I’m seeing the ads for chocolate in the pretty heart shaped boxes. I found this zendala template through Erin at the Bright Owl – it’s an older one - #28. I used watercolor paints to shade each section and to do the background. The tangles were done with a brown Pigma Micron pen and a little extra shading with a brown colored pencil.

Occasionally I happen upon perks to blogging. This blog entry is a result of one of them. I received a free box of GHIRARDELLI Chocolate so long as I would write in my blog what I thought of it.

I LOVE chocolate. Especially the dark chocolate. So when this package arrived I went straight for the dark stuff. I found squares of Dark Chocolate with a Strawberry filling. MMMMM. I thoroughly enjoyed them! I also found white chocolate – called Sublime White, Vanilla Dream (with vanilla beans). They are also really good. The big bar in the box was Milk Chocolate with Strawberry. Now, although I love chocolate, I also am fighting the battle of the bulge. So if the chocolate isn't dark, I’m not gonna use up calories on it. This bar is going to be a gift for my daughter, who does prefer the milk chocolate! Thank you, thank you GHIRARDELLI.


  1. This is a great Zendala, Sue. You are always thinking out of the box. lol

  2. Thinking out of the box? Maybe ... but this zendala reminds me of the happy surprise found inside an explosion box just after removing the lid. Absolutely stunning!

  3. This zendala is very beautiful, Sue! It's like lace.

  4. Lovely work, what a wonderful Valentine for someone with your yummy Zendala.


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