Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Thank you Jeanne Paglio!

Early in December Jeanne Paglio had a contest on her blog I entered by leaving a comment and to my surprise, I was a winner. Jeanne sent me this cool, tangled T-shirt! I had hoped to take a picture of me wearing it but since the temperature outside is currently 18 degrees, the picture will just be of the T-shirt on a hanger.

In the confusion of the holidays I forgot to properly thank her on my blog so I'm doing this today!

Jeanne is a talented CZT living in Rhode Island. We were in the same Zentangle certification class. Jeanne is also an author! She has several books on tangling and novels too. In her novels (Tangled to Death in particular) she weaves aspects of Zentangle into the story. Her books are available on Kindle. She also tweets and occasionally I've seen through her Facebook account that Kindle has them free or at special prices.(I haven't become a Kindle convert yet myself yet)

Her novels are under the pen name of JM Griffin. Today one of them is free!

This is the link to her books on Amazon.

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