Thursday, July 18, 2013

color class in McHenry

Tuesday night was the color class at McHenry County College. I really like teaching there. The classrooms all have lots of white boards so it's easy for me to draw tangle patterns super large. We had fun exploring different color combinations and I demonstrated a variety of ways to get colored backgrounds.

I really enjoy looking at the photograph I took of the tiles. I find so many different ways of using the tangles that I wouldn't have thought of myself. Click the picture to enlarge it and see for yourself!

I enjoyed talking to the ladies present. One of them told me how she has been undergoing medical treatments on a regular basis. Now that she has been doing zentangle she finds that her treatments are easier to deal with. Another gal told me how she had just been to a trip to England. Her Zentangle supplies are so compact that she was able to bring them with her. And a third lady told me about her husband's job loss - and how he had been inspired by her zentangles to get back into art himself.  Thanks ladies!!!

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  1. Wonderful stories! I recently rediscovered Avreal. :)


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