Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Zentangle for stress relief

Last week my son and his family moved for a new job. They drove for three days with daddy in a truck with two dogs and mommy in the other car with two little kids.

Along the way my son called me multiple times for help in finding good hotels and rest stops.  I'm okay on the computer searching for these things but it was definitely stressful.  It seemed whenever I found a good location it was not directly on the route. Or they didn't take dogs.  Or they were already full for the night. Or .......!

When they finally got a place I tried to go to bed too. But sleep eluded me. So I got out some pens and did a very quick,  very simple ATC. I didn't think about it.  I just did it.

And after 10 minutes I could feel myself relaxing.  Off to bed I went.

My son and his family are safely in their new town now. Maybe I'll get to visit soon.


  1. Very interesting experience indeed. Such expressions of the meditative experiences are solicited on the newly created blog called www.z-inspirationind.blogspot.com. I invite your presence there with such stories.

  2. Sometimes "just doing" is better then "planning"! Great ATC!


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